Saturday, May 29, 2004


A few short days ago the RNC issued this statement:

“Al Gore served as Vice President of this country for eight years. During that time, Osama Bin Laden declared war on the United States five times and terrorists killed US citizens on at least four different occasions including the first bombing of the World Trade Center, the attacks on Khobar Towers, our embassies in East Africa, and the USS Cole.”

“Al Gore’s attacks on the President today demonstrate that he either does not understand the threat of global terror, or he has amnesia.

Al Qaeda-linked militants on Saturday killed at least 16 people in a string of attacks in the eastern city of Khobar, Saudi security sources said.

They said the dead included at least nine civilians, seven of whom were foreigners and seven members of the Saudi security forces. The sources gave the nationalities of the dead as an American, a Briton, an Egyptian, two Filipinos, an Indian, Pakistani and two Saudi civilians.

I try to be above make cheap political points with this stuff. But, you know what? The accountability administration has been blaming Bill Clinton and Al Gore for everything that's happened under Bush's watch. Some of us said that going to war in Iraq would make us less, not more, safer. Some of us said that going to war would be an excellent recruiting tool for al Qaeda. And, hey, some of us were right.

This is the most incompetent administration in modern history. It isn't even close. And the decisions they've made are causing deaths that would have otherwise not happened.

And, yes, I know the terrorists did this not the Bush administration. Take it up with the RNC.