Thursday, May 20, 2004

Flashback III - Wouldn't Have These Problems Edition

This blog got a bit of public notice when Trent Lott had his little bigot eruption. It was a rather amusing time, with conservatives falling all over themselves (after a bit of prodding) to self-righteously claim that they were more against racism than the real racists - liberals. Then, they patted themselves on the back when Trent Lott was demoted from the most powerful position in the Senate to the, say, 4th most powerful position in the Senate.

I think my main contribution to this bit of fun was unearthing this Dixiecrat sample ballot to make clear to even the most idiotic of right wing racist apologists that Thurmond was not running on some sort of noble "States' Rights" platform -- he was running on a disgusting "States' Rights" platform.

It also led to the rather surreal experience of hearing John Podhoretz discuss this weblog rather favorably on the radio.


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