Thursday, May 20, 2004

Flashback IV - Smear the Queer Edition

Back when the Episcopal Church was considering whether to elevate Gene Robinson as their first "openly gay Bishop," conservatives were in full fury mode. Right before it was about to happen, there was a multi-pronged last minute smear attempt. Leading the charge in the media was Fred Barnes, who ran with the faux-scandals after other media outlets rightfully passed.

Shockingly (not), Fred Barnes had a wee bit of conflict of interest, as he sat on the board of an archconservative Episcopalian group which vehemently opposed Robinson's elevation because he was a big queery queer. This was first reported on the Michelangelo Signorile show, which I happened to be listening to at the time.

Here's my first post on the subject (scroll up for more).

Subsequent comments on this from Charles Pierce, an editorial in the Strib, some more from Pharisee Phred, and Signorile's column on the subject.

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