Monday, May 24, 2004

Hacktackular Howie!

David E. of Fablog responds to Howie's continual assertions that the nasty "liberal media" is being oh so biased by not shitting on the marriages of gay people in Mass. over at Romenesko:

From DAVID EHRENSTEIN: Ron Kampeas asks [below] "Should a wedding be covered like a campaign rally, with every second graf a reminder of 'why this might be wrong.' How do you fact check a wedding?"

Why the same way you'd fact-check any other public event of course. And if we're going to follow Howie Kurtz's strictures the "other side" should always be consulted in these matters. Why are these people whose pictures we see on the "Weddings and Celebrations" page of New York Times not being thoroughly investigated? Why are they getting married? Do they have the right? Are they indeed heterosexual or is it a marriage blanc in the tradition of Cole and Linda Porter? Surely a responsible editor would spare no quarter in assuring the readership that the weddings trumpeted in the Stylke section are the genuine article and not Triumph of the "Will & Grace" alliances. Good journalism demands it.

And Ailes notices Howie just being generally hacktackular.