Saturday, May 29, 2004

Inverse Judo Flip

Interesting. Kerry just figured out how to package himself to the right of Bush on foreign policy and paint Bush as the namby pamby tree hugging humanitarian do gooder who is going to get us killed pushing this freedom nonsense.

The problem with the Bush Doctrine, you see, is all this emphasis on Democracy promotion instead of saving our own butts.

Nice move. Of course, neither stated position has much to do with reality. The Bush administration isn't serious about promoting democracy and it's hard to imagine a Kerry administration would be less serious. Still, it's an interesting little bit of rhetorical judo. "Promoting Freedom and Democracy" is just the packaging of a foreign policy which is doing anything but, so it'll be sort of amusing to see Kerry strike back at Bush by asking why the hell we're wasting our money and soldiers' lives for those damn furriners.

Those damn Bushies - always concerned with the human rights of others. It's time for a hard headed realist in the White House, someone who puts America First.

Hilarious, really.