Friday, May 28, 2004

Leading Lights of the Right

Arthur Silber has some choice paraphrases -- I'll excerpt one of the Derb:

And even if this war was not required for our national defense, it has had some wonderful benefits. A military is meant to be used, and soldiers want to fight. They're doing that now, so they're a lot better at killing and blowing things up than they would have been just carrying out those namby-pamby "peace-keeping" missions. One other thing: this war has shown how incredibly stupid it is to have men and women serving in the same unit, especially in combat zones. Pfc. England conclusively demonstrates that.

Abuse and torture? What abuse and torture? Of Arabs? I told you, I don't care about them. If only everyone had my broad, philosophical outlook. Then you wouldn't get bogged down in these ridiculous details.

So, let's see. The war is not being fought for national defense. Derbyshire sure as hell doesn't want it being fought for humanitarian reasons. In fact, he doesn't care about them because, you know, they're Arabs and no one in their right minds should care about "those people."

Nope, the war is a great and wonderful thing because we have a military and they like to kill people. They don't like namby-pamby stuff -- they like to go out and shoot and get their limbs shot off and their eyes and brains blown out. Oh yes, this is what it's all about -- satisfying the bloodlust of cranky old bigots like Derbyshire.

And these people call Al Gore "nuts." They're all fucking insane.

(sorry, paraphrases not quotes. But, click through to the originals and you'll see he's being perfectly fair.)