Friday, May 21, 2004

Mars, Bitch!

Okay, here's my final fundraising plea and then I won't mention it again.

So far I've gotten about 1120 donations. That's great! I'm all Sally Field "You like me! You really like me!" But, it's only somewhere between 2-4% of my daily readers (it's impossible to have an accurate measure of that).

If that small percentage was increased by a point or two, it really would make all the difference.

Many are uncomfortable with Paypal -- the credit card link doesn't actually require a paypal account. It's just a secure credit card donation processor like any other.

For those who prefer mail, I'm still working on a solution of some sort.

But, like I said - final plea! I'll leave the annoying links up top until Sunday, at which point they will disappear...

And, besides, the terrorists are winning...