Thursday, May 27, 2004

Neocon Judy

Michael Berube reminds us that our dear Judy was also a conduit for tinfoil hat Cuba conspiracy theories.

Let's also not forget her book written with nutcase Laurie Mylroie in a mere 21 days to let us know really quickly why Saddam had, in the space of days, gone from being Our Man in Mesopotamia to The Evil One.

I'm also finding out that she was the go-to gal to drum up support for the idea that Khadaffi was the Evilest One when it was his turn.

Note - there's no contradiction between recognizing there are bad men in the world (Saddam, Khadaffi) that maybe we should do something about and being a bit frustrated about the fact that there are reliable stenographers in the press who are willing to play a part in the Pentagon's PR machine once we decide that one of those bad guys is The Bad Guy of the Week. As Rumsfeld's adventures with Uzbekikitty tell us, not all bad guys are created equal. The ability of the government to easily manipulate useful tools like Miller into putting their PR on the front pages should frighten us all, even if they are truly bad guys.