Thursday, May 20, 2004

Thursday Is New Jobless Day

Congratulations to the 345K new jobless! Lucky Duckies every one.

Contrary to news reports about a booming job market, there just isn't any evidence of one. We have had some numbers which have suggested that a recovery could be on the way, but we really haven't had jobs numbers that were that solid.

New jobs from the February totalled 83K. New jobs from the March report totalled 337K. From April, 288K.

For some perspective, this handy graph shows us Clinton averaged 242K new jobs every month over his 1st term, and 235K new jobs every month during his 2nd. Bush has had two good months. Let's hope they continue, but all the talk of the massive recovery in the labor market is so far mostly talk.

Those high oil prices aren't going to help.