Thursday, May 20, 2004

We Are Scum

Really. I'm fucking sorry. There's no other way to react to stuff like this.

A military intelligence analyst who recently completed duty at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq (news - web sites) said Wednesday that the 16-year-old son of a detainee there was abused by U.S. soldiers to break his father's resistance to interrogators.

The analyst said the teenager was stripped naked, thrown in the back of an open truck, driven around in the cold night air, splattered with mud and then presented to his father at Abu Ghraib, the prison at the center of the scandal over abuse of Iraqi detainees.

Upon seeing his frail and frightened son, the prisoner broke down and cried and told interrogators he would tell them whatever they wanted, the analyst said.

Fuckers. I hate these people.

And, for the trolls - I am not responsible for things not done in my name. I am responsible for things that are. Please try to understand the difference.