Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bizarre CNN Report

Maybe I misunderstood, but CNN's Pentagon correspondent us was just on to make sure we all understand that Big Don Rumsfeld had not, I repeat NOT (did I say NOT?), approved such interrogation methods as waterboarding. And, while, previous memo releases had made it seem that he had, they will release memos later today which will disprove that. And, they're oh so sorry that they had given us the wrong impression previously and once they get these additional memos they'll have more details. But, they haven't seen the "new" memos yet?

Again, maybe I misunderstood. But, the beginning of the report made it sound like they'd seen these new memos, but by the end it sounded as if they would see them later? Huh?

...and now these stories from Google News have been disappeared.