Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Kerry and Religion

Kerry's a regular mass-attending Catholic despite all the crap the media heaps on him for it because some asshole Bishop somewhere hinted that maybe he shouldn't be allowed to eat the wafer. But, hey, that's not good enough for some reason. Kerry might be secretly "secular." Holy crap! Secular! And, you know what "secular" means? Secular is ABNORMAL! That's right, folks.
From Slate:
If Kerry's really secular, he's abnormal.

And what's all this crap about Bush talking about his faith? Bush talks about faith the way he talks about freedom and the way he talks about terrorism. You know, "faith faith faith. faith's important to me. faith faith faith." "terror terror terror. terrorists bad. terror terror." "freedom freedom freedom. freedom good. freedom freedom freedom."

Let's see how these sound:

If Kerry's really Muslim, he's abnormal.

If Kerry's really Jewish, he's abnormal.

Yah, those sound great, and they're just the same.

Fucking hell.