Friday, July 09, 2004

As Bright As An Egg-Timer

Lefty celebs raise $7.5 million for the Johns:

[Whoopi] Goldberg, a devout Democrat, did not spare Bush in her monologue: "Anybody who could wave to (blind singer) Stevie Wonder isn't fully there," she said to howls from the audience.

But she also produced a few embarrassed grimaces with an unsubtle anatomical double-entendre enjoining voters to "keep Bush where it belongs and not in the White House."


[Paul] Newman took off on his fiscal policies, saying, "I think that tax cuts for worried, wealthy thugs like me are borderline criminal," and the notion they produce trickle-down benefits for the poor is "rubbish".

Actress Jessica Lange branded the Bush administration "a self-serving regime of deceit, hypocrisy and belligerence", while comic Chevy Chase heaped scorn on Bush's intellect: "This guy is as bright as an egg-timer."