Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Best Scotty Line Ever

I'm not aware of any one in the White House who is aware of anyone who's aware that the President ever was aware of having made such a comment.

Over on a DKos diary, mitch2k2k notes that a reporter actually asked Scotty about the failure to find more massive mass graves. Obligatory disclaimer: Saddam's a bad guy and failure to find super-massive mass graves does not mean that I think Saddam was a good guy. But, here the issue isn't that the Bush administration believed, or claimed to believe, that there were mass graves in Iraq. The issue is that Bush has claimed that they were found

He said:

Remember we discovered mass graves with hundreds of thousands of men and women and children clutching their little toys, as a result of this person's brutality.

Apparently, we haven't actually discovered them. They may be there, but why is Bush lying about them?

...yes, yes, people, the Scotty line is a joke. Click through the links...