Saturday, July 17, 2004

CIA agent outed

Speaking of reading, some people around here seem to have selectively read the Senate's report about prewar intelligence. Of special interest is Joe Wilson's part in this whole mess. What the trolls seem to want to gloss over is that his wife, a covert CIA agent who was working on counter-terrorism cases, was outed at a particularly crazy time, post 9/11.

Outed, illegally, by some people of *dubious* patriotism in the White House.

What is it about this that people don't understand?

Going back to my *crazy time* remark, why would the Bushies do this to her at a time when they had a good part of the country on pins and needles?

All this criticism of the CIA. And look what the Bush administration did.

Can someone explain why *outing* Plame was a good thing?