Thursday, July 01, 2004


So, it should go without saying that the fact that people have donated almost a quarter million through this site to John Kerry has gone beyond my highest expectations. My rather modest goal when I started JK Thursday was to raise a thousand per week until the convention. IIRC that would've been less than $25,000 total. We're at ten times that.

But, I'm thinking that once we hit 250K it's time to shut it down -- I don't mean pulling down all the links or anything, but rather to focus my begging for Senate and House races, more along the lines of what Kos is doing. Obviously I'm focusing on Hoeffel, and I'm thinking of choosing 3 House races to add to that...

Well, anyway, I'm open to thoughts from people. It isn't my money (mostly), it's yours, and it's about maximizing the expression of the community here.