Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Inside the Mind of Bill O'Reilly

The guy is fascinating, really. I went to an even sponsored by The Creative Coalition at which O'Reilly was on a panel with some celebrities, members of congress, etc..., discussing what to do about funding for arts in education in the country. Listening to O'Reilly talk is just fascinating. He is 100% convinced of everything he says, even when he's just pulling things out of his ass. It's almost impossible to argue with him, because there's virtually no logical connection between one statement and the next.

By the end, I think a reasonable summation of his final argument was: The reason there isn't enough education funding for the arts is that celebrities have shamefully failed to use their powers of public persuasion to convince people to support more arts funding, and this is a travesty about which they should be horribly ashamed even though more federal arts funding would be a bad thing.