Saturday, July 10, 2004

A Lesson from the Brits on Responsibility

Blame resides with Blair:

Tony Blair must take responsibility for any intelligence failings identified in the Butler Report, the former head of the Joint Intelligence Committee says.


"The buck stops there and I don't think that the political layer in any country can escape the consequences of a systemic failure," [Dame Pauline Neville-Jones] said.

She refused to say whether Mr Blair should resign if the report found he had been wrong, but said: "He is making a distinction between what he genuinely believed and what turns out to be the case so he is at least open to the accusation of incompetence."


Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Saturday the former foreign secretary Robin Cook said the suggestion that there had been a "global" intelligence failure was "garbage"

"Nobody except Washington and London thought that Saddam was such a threat that we had immediately to go to war," he said.

"The governments had made up their mind that Saddam had weapons and must be a threat, they had made up their mind they were going to go to war.

Also, the Coalition of the Willing took a small hit as the Phillipines announced that it will withdraw their 50 troops as scheduled in August.