Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Letters to George

Send George a message.

A theater company is soliciting open letters to the president as part of a performance project.

I've been reading these letters most of the afternoon and what impresses me is that people don't just say what they believe, they say why they believe it. They tell the president about the power of his office by telling him the things he did that made a difference in their lives, for good or ill.

One of my major peeves with this president is that he does not seem to understand how awe-inspiring his position is, how far and deep his words resonate. There are people out there who really did look to him after Sept. 11 and say, "Okay, pal, show us what you can do" and "tell us it's going to be okay, because you're the president and we'll believe you."

For all that we talk about the loss of faith in government since Vietnam and Watergate, what always strikes me when the elections come around again is how much people want to trust in their leaders. As well they should. That's what we elected them for. So when they lie to us, the betrayal is equal to the sincerity of our belief.

Check the letters blog out, and write your own letter to George. Think about why you believe what you believe, what you want in a president, and tell Bush whether or not he's lived up to your expectations.