Saturday, July 31, 2004

Loyalty Oaths

Josh Marshall discusses the loyalty oaths one has to take in order to attend a Cheney rally. I'm too lazy to hunt it down, but one of my many brilliant blog posts sometime back raised this exact question - how the hell are Bush/Cheney going to campaign seriously given the extreme private nature of all of their events and the extreme security associated with them? I guess we have our answer - they aren't planning to. It's interesting -- I guess their plan is to screw the personal touch and hope that positive local news coverage of their fake campaign rallies brings some more people aboard.

Good. It's a huge mistake they're making.

Go Karl!

I went to a Clinton rally in 1996. One had to go down to the local Dem headquarters to pick up tickets and I believe sign your name, but that was the extent of the barrier to entry.