Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Much ado about nothing

If Berger did something so dastardly, then why have the Feds refused to talk to him or his lawyer, Lanny Breuer?

Associates said Berger knew there were copies of the documents and that former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke, the after-action report's author, was cooperating with the commission inquiry.

They questioned what motive Berger would have had to take and destroy documents.

Two sources associated with the investigation said Breuer made a detailed statement of Berger's view of the facts at issue several months ago and has offered to talk to the Justice Department about a resolution to the probe.

Breuer has renewed his offer to talk several times since, one of the Berger associates said, but said prosecutors have refused to enter into such discussions.

And what about the alleged sock stuffing?

That latter allegation drew a sharp response from Berger associate and former White House lawyer Lanny Davis, who challenged any unnamed official who makes such an accusation to come forward publicly.

"I suggest that person is lying," he said. "And if that person has the guts, let's see who it is who made the comment that Sandy Berger stuffed something into his socks."


The 9/11 Commission seems to be doing its darndest to keep their report non-partisan. It's too bad the Bushies can't slither out of the mud for a change and at least pretend they care about the well-being of the country.