Friday, July 16, 2004

On Blame

The Sept. 11 commission's report will come out next week, and we'll hear the usual cant from the right-wing loonies about who's really to blame and who is lily-white and free of responsibility. Freepi will overload this blog with "why are you blaming America? You should blame Al Qaeda!" just like that woman who rushed up to Lila Lipscomb outside the White House in Fahrenheit 9/11.

I wish that people like this and this would understand that trying to find out what happened on 9/11 doesn't mean you don't place ultimate blame for the attacks on the terrorists. If you can hold more than one idea in your mind at once, you can see that.

I blame the terrorists for the attacks of Sept. 11. I also want to make sure we do everything we can, the next time this happens, to save as many as we can. That's what the commission's report will be about trying to accomplish, and yes, it actually is that simple.