Thursday, July 29, 2004

Prisoner Abuse: Interrogation, Torture, and the Law

The Crimes of War Project has announced the creation of a new series on abuse of prisoners detained by US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq called "Prisoner Abuse: Interrogation, Torture, and the Law".  The new series includes:

  • A report card on U.S. policy as graded by leading international humanitarian law scholars from around the world. The evaluation will look at how U.S. actions in response to the war on terror have (or have not) complied with international standards.
  • An in-depth, on-the-ground investigation in Afghanistan and Pakistan into the conditions at U.S. detention facilities with first-hand accounts from released prisoners.
  • A timeline of events to determine who knew what when focusing on the reporting of allegations of wrongdoing compared with actions taken to investigate or remedy the situation.
  • Basic Q&A on the implications of humanitarian law on current events, including Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, zeroing in on the questions that remain outstanding.
  • A legal analysis of the photographs that have been released.
  • A map of detention centers around the world tracking allegations of abuses.

Check it out [click on Prisoner Abuse once you get to the Crimes of War site].

Press release link.