Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Senate GOP short on votes for hate amendment to ban same sex marriages

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"Short on votes and beset by internal divisions, Senate Republicans struggled Tuesday to salvage a respectable defeat for the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage."

Frist said: "This issue is not going away." (no shit, Sherlock) However, he had to concede that the 60 votes needed to advance past a Wednesday test vote aren't there.

Senator Dog on Man Santorum claimed that he and others are hearing from opponents of the amendment that: "marriage is hate, marriage is a stain, an evil thing." He and other Republicans, in a series of speeches, claim they are motivated by their desire to defend marriage and "the children, my god, the children!"

Senator Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, read aloud Lynne Cheney's statement on the subject (leave it to the states.)

Meanwhile, House Republicans pursued a different strategy - hate legislation instead of a hate amendment.