Thursday, July 29, 2004

Today on Holden's Obsession with the Gaggle

Trent Duffy subbed for Little Scottie (seen here playing golf with the boss) yesterday.  First, an update on the preznit's activities:

The President then taped some new ads for his reelection campaign, and for more details on that, I would refer you to the campaign headquarters in Arlington.

Following that, he went mountain biking for roughly one hour and 19 minutes, according to the President, and the ride was for about 18 miles.

So, according to the President, the President rode his bike for one hour, 19 minutes.  That means he rode for five minutes, fell off, then went back to his den to watch Sponge Bob, right?  [anonymous in nc provides Tom Toles' take on the ride.]

After his "bicycle ride", the preznit placed a call to one of his good buddies:

I have one international call to read out to you. The President today spoke with Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia for roughly 10 minutes.

Following that, a preview of the next Friday Night Surprise:

Q Trent, when do you expect to release your new budget deficit numbers? The congressional numbers suggest that the deficit could be $420 billion, which Gene Sperling says is a new record for fiscal mismanagement and deficit spending.

MR. DUFFY: Well, let's remember what caused the deficit. The economy and the recession took a great toll on federal revenues. Obviously, the President's response to that recession was an aggressive economic program based on tax relief. And then the terrorists hit us, and that required some appropriate spending increases, not only to fight the global war on terror, but to protect the homeland.

[Duffy-fluffing editted out]

But the President is on track to cut the deficit in half over the next five years through a combination of continued economic growth, as well as serious spending restraint.

Q Trent, when do you expect to release those numbers?

MR. DUFFY: You can talk with OMB for an exact date. I know they're going through the final preparations now.

Q Trent, there are some who say the numbers have been delayed in their release -- I guess they were due on the 15th -- so as not to give the Democrats any more fodder during their convention.

A question to which Mr. Duffy responded with the understatement of the centruy:

MR. DUFFY: I think the Democrats have shown that they have lots of fodder for their convention.