Thursday, July 15, 2004

Today's Forecast: Mud

So, just what will the Bush Campaign run on now?

War Preznit?
Looks like that's not going too well.

Hate Amendment?
Don't look now, but your wedge issue just gave you a wedgie.

The Economy?

U.S. retail sales fell in June by the most since February 2003, underscoring forecasts that consumer spending slowed in the second quarter from the previous three months.

So, consumer spending, which drives our economy, is off. What about industrial output?

Output at U.S. factories, mines and utilities fell unexpectedly in June, recording its largest drop in more than a year, the Federal Reserve reported on Thursday.

The Fed said industrial production fell 0.3 percent in June after a downwardly revised 0.9 percent May increase. Wall Street had expected the June reading to be flat.


The overall industrial production drop was the largest since April 2003, when it fell 0.6 percent.

Manufacturing output fell 0.1 percent, its first drop in 13 months, the Fed said. Utilities output decreased 2.3 percent, due to cooler-than-normal temperatures in the United States.

My friends, they have nothing to run on. A dismal record of illegal war, corruption and cronyism, and a ruined economy will not be too popular with the voting public.

All the Bush campaign can do is continue to sling mud at John Kerry.