Saturday, July 24, 2004


From Entertainment Weekly:

Carlson, however, is a different matter. He's a real creep. On the July 5 edition, he inisinuated that John Edwards made his name as a trial lawyer by "specializing in Jacuzzi cases." This was an allusion to the horrific disembowlment of a young girl who'd been sucked into an open swimming-pool drain. When informed of the facts behind his cruel phrasing, he snapped, "Oh, I know. I've heard that," and then pressed the point that Edwards took money for getting the girl a $25 million settlement. Carlson is a quicker debater than any of the Crossfire hosts, and he's a good-looking twerp. But he's got cold, dead eyes that seem to match his heart. He's a prime example of the Triumph of the Telegenic. Recently rewarded with his own show on the now-utterly-soulless PBS, Carlson can spew his bile all over the tube.