Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Who Will Face Obama?

Will it be Mike Ditka?

"I've got to be firmly convinced in my mind that I really think I can make a difference," before deciding to seek the Republican nomination, the 64-year-old Pro Football Hall of Fame member told a Chicago radio station. "If I'm just going to be another schmuck up there in Washington then it wouldn't be fun for me."

What about Bush administration drug warrior Dr. Andrea Grubb Barthwell? She resigned from the crusade against medical marijuana in order to run, will Ditka ruin it for her?

Wait a minute, what about Jack "Watch Me Now" Ryan? Don't forget, Illinois GOPers, you can't force Jack off of the ballot and...

As of Monday, he had yet to file the paperwork to have his name removed from the ballot.


Update: count on attaturk to provide the infamous Ditka/Williams marriage photo.