Thursday, July 08, 2004

"Why the Homosexual Movement Has Won"

At least they're finally admitting it:

"The spectacular success of the homosexual movement stands as one of the most fascinating phenomena of our time. In less than two decades, homosexuality has moved from "the love that dares not speak its name," to the center of America's public life."

The rest of the article is a collection of blathering about how evangelical Christians have been portrayed in the debate over gay marriage as a bunch of backward whackjobs, and gays have been portrayed as angels with shiny little wings, and other GOP talking points that have so much straw stuffed in them they should be legally classified as fire hazards.

The stuff that's blatantly insane aside, this screed lays out pretty clearly a picture of an anti-gay movement that is deeply dismayed at having totally lost the public relations war, and perplexed at the lack of fire and brimstone that has greeted the spectacle of loving people pledging their lives to one another.

To which I say, what exactly did you expect? You stand in front of a crowd of celebrating couples, some with children, some who have been together their entire lives and bothered no one, some who sang the Star Spangled Banner on the steps of the Boston courthouse, and the only thing you could say in repsonse is that those people were damned to hell? If you really wanted to suit up and do battle against gay marriage, you had to realize you were putting on a pretty ugly uniform.