Monday, July 19, 2004

Writing with Blinders On at the Times

How can Timothy O'Brien write a lengthy piece in today's NYTimes about Riggs Bank, delving into the bank's money laundering activities on behalf of the Saudis and notorious Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, without once mentioning Bush uncle/campaign "Pioneer" Jonathan J. Bush's invovlement with Riggs?
O'Brien does briefly mention that Joe Allbritton owned a controlling interest in Riggs from 1981 until Riggs was sold last week to PNC Financial (while revealing that Allbritton's wife Barbara, a Riggs board member, protested when the bank finally ended its relationship with Pinochet).  However he makes no mention of the fact that Mr. Allbritton is a long-time Bush family friend and fundraiser for both GHW Bush and GW Bush.
If a blood relative and close friend/financier of Bill Clinton or John Kerry were deeply involved in a bank that laundered money for dictators and terrorists, what do you think the focus of the Times story would be?