Sunday, August 22, 2004

Bob Dole History

March 6, 1971, about most of the potential Democratic nominees for 1972:

They are the new Chamberlains in what they hope will be another era of peace through appeasement.

In same speech, regarding genuine war hero George McGovern:

He named only Senator George S. McGovern... who has come, Mr. Dole said, "as close as anyone has yet come to urging outright surrender"...

5/12/71, UPI:

But Senator Dole expected Nixon's Vietnamization program would allow withdrawal of all but a residual American force and eliminate casualties.

1/21/72, NYT:

The Kansas Republican said that the "present crop of Democratic hopefuls" had gone along with the war's escalation in the mid-1960's, adding that it was two-faced of them now to criticize President Nixon's position on the issue.


Last June, Mr. Dole denounced the press for printing the Pentagon papers, saying that their disclosure had left heads of state "at the mercy of sensation-seeking newspapers."

5/13/72, UPI:

The Republican National Chairman, Senator Robert Dole of Kansas, denounced today what he called an "attempted media sabotage" of President Nixon's Vietnam policies and said "it could cost the lives" of American soldiers.

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