Thursday, August 05, 2004

Give a Little...

Don't forget to dig deep and give a bit to Patsy Keever.

One thing on donation begging - I know it annoys some people. If it does, scroll past. This site gets about 90,000 "visitors" per day. I don't know how many unique pairs of eyeballs that is every day, but I definitely don't expect each person to donate every time I ask. And, I know plenty of people have modest-or-worse financial means and aren't really able to give at all. What I do know is that if every time I throw out the begging bowl 40 or 50 of you give, then over the next couple of months that'll add up to a lot of much-needed money. for non-money things you can do. Sign up with ACT. Sign up with the League of Conservation Voters. Sign up with your favorite local campaign.