Thursday, August 12, 2004

Judy in Jail?

Drudge says Ms. Miller has been subpoenaed in the Plame case.

...holy crap update. Pinch Sulzberger sez:

"Journalists should not have to face the prospect of imprisonment for doing nothing more than aggressively seeking to report on the government's actions. Such subpoenas make it less likely that sources will be willing to talk candidly with reporters and ultimately it is the public that suffers.''

From my perspective, "aggressively seeking to report on the government's actions" would involve a story about how a vindictive corrupt administration tried, and succeeded, to get hacks in the media to participate in their illegal, and national security undermining, efforts to get petty revenge on a political opponent. But, since I missed that story by Ms. Miller, I don't know what the hell Pinch is talking about.

To be fair, as far as I know Miller didn't pass on this particular tale, but nor did she report on the real story.