Monday, August 09, 2004

Run Against Bush!

As Hoeffel plans to Walk Against Specter!

The good people at Run Against Bush have offered to put up $1,000 in matching funds for Hoeffel. For every dollar we pull in today, they'll kick in an additional 50 cents, up to $1000 for the day.

Run Against Bush is a great organization, combining fitness, fundraising, visibilty, and community building. They're getting set for Run Against Bush Day, which is going to be on September 18th. Here's the description:

Break out your sneakers for National Run Against Bush Day! You may have seen these fine patriots parading across your town in t-shirts that proudly proclaim "Run Against Bush." On September 18, in 100+ cities across the country, 10,000+ Americans will run and walk 100,000+ miles to raise money to support John Kerry's election. Exercise democracy by buying a t-shirt, spreading the word, and burning some calories to boot Bush. Go to Run Against Bush to find out more and get involved.

I myself am a member, though since I've been traveling/sick I've only managed to get out there and show off my T-shirt once.

As for Hoeffel, he's kicking off his grand tour of Pennsylvania which is culminating in a 67 mile walk from Johnstown to Pittsburgh. So, click here to donate!