Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Tee Hee

I think I hear the sound of someone being hoisted by his own petard...

...unless I'm missing something, it sounds about right.

Notice of candidacy; financial statements; political advertising; penalties

A.(1)(a) A notice of candidacy shall be in writing and shall state the candidate's name, the office he seeks, the address of his domicile, the parish, ward, and precinct where he is registered to vote, and the political party, if any, with which he is registered as being affiliated. No candidate shall change or add his political party designation, for purposes of printing on the election ballot as required by R.S. 18:551(D), after he has qualified for the election.

...I was a bit concerned about the time of qualification - whether it's when you file or at the filing deadling. Sounds like it's the former. Oops.

(1) Upon receipt of a notice of candidacy, the secretary of state or the clerk of court, as the case may be, shall endorse upon it the date and time of filing and either the amount of the qualifying fee paid by the candidate or a statement that a nominating petition was filed by the candidate. If a candidate qualifies in person, a certified copy of the original notice of candidacy shall be furnished to the candidate at the time he qualifies with the qualifying official but after the date and time have been endorsed thereon. If a candidate qualifies by submitting his notice of candidacy by certified mail, commercial carrier, or agent, the qualifying official shall mail a certified copy of the original notice of candidacy after the date and time have been endorsed thereon to the candidate at the address of his domicile as set forth in the notice of candidacy within forty-eight hours after receipt of the notice of candidacy.

(2) At the time a candidate files his notice of candidacy with the clerk of court it shall become a public record and shall be recorded by the clerk of court in the same manner as sales of immovables and the recordation of mortgages and miscellaneous acts are recorded with him. The clerk of court shall place all notices of candidacy for each election in a separate book which he shall keep in his office, and each such notice of candidacy shall be the official document and the official public record. The clerk of court shall daily post a list of all the candidates, and the offices for which they qualify, whose notices of candidacy have been filed with his office.

Comedy gold.

...Jerome has some more on the shitstorm. This is great, it's so nice to see some Dems throwing a little muscle around.