Saturday, August 14, 2004


Here are some excerpts from bigot Marilyn Musgrave's recent fundraising appeal:

You see, the left-wing radicals and Democrats hope to drain my resources and bleed me dry with negative attacks in the primary.

Then comes the nastier storm on the horizon, already swelling, with liberal activists backing my general election challenger, Democrat Stan Matsunaka.


Right now, Stan Matsunaka is not only pushing individual donors to max out, but also all of the liberal special interest donors across the country.

Just one liberal website alone raised over $20,000 for Matsunaka in a matter of days! And there are literally dozens of liberal websites targeting me for defeat.

Most of these extremist donors will give again and again (many will even give the legal maximum of $2000 per person, per election). This will add hundreds of thousands of dollars to Matsunaka's already ballooning war chest.


The bank accounts of liberal special interests seem to have no limit . . . The liberal special interests and the other democrats are stopping at nothing to dfeat me. They are pulling out all the stops and calling in the reserves.

Let's show her the power of extremist donors. Give some money to Stan Matsunaka!