Thursday, September 09, 2004

Disobeying Direct Order

Wow, we have a Commander in Chief who, while in the service, disobeyed a direct order. That's a crime! Wow! Not only that, but his people are claiming he had the right to do that! And, they're basing this previously unknown "right to disobey direct orders if you want to" on a falsehood! This is incredible. What kind of example does this set for our men and women in the service? How can he possibly lead them?

Dan Bartlett explains:

There was no reason for President Bush to take a flight exam if he wasn't going to be flying.

I can think of one reason -- he was given a direct order by a superior officer and it's a crime to disobey it! But, that isn't enough for Chicken George or Dan!

Bartlett also says:

But the fact of the matter is, is that just because they weren't flying the F-102 anymore doesn't mean they were not flying a new, modern aircraft. The point was, is that it didn't make sense for the Texas Air National Guard to train President Bush in a new aircraft at the end, toward the end of his service, when he was being given permission to attend Harvard Business School.

But apparently they continued to fly the F-102 until 1975! Wow, is Dan Bartlett a big liar too? Well, I guess we'd already established that, but I'm still shocked. Really really shocked.