Wednesday, September 29, 2004

End of Quarter

It's important to donate to your favorite It's the end of the quarter and what they can bring in by the filing deadline can influence how much more gets dumped on them in the coming month. Money creates more money.

I've added two more candidates to my ActBlue list - Melissa Bean and Ginny Schrader. I've been too busy to do much research on candidates lately, but, Melissa Bean gets added because she's scaring Novakula. And, Schrader is a real target of opportunity and she's local to me. I'd said there wouldn't be any more overlap with Kos, but so what, I lied.

So, click through and give some bucks. Or give to the DCCC. Or choose your own favorite candidate. Only about 30 more days until that election....Mars, my bitches! MARS!

(I'm in for $50 for each).