Friday, September 10, 2004

Fun Bush Quotes

From an interview with National Guard Review, Winter 1998:

You know if you’re a person taking orders it is pretty easy to think back about whose orders your liked to follow and why.

Two critical lessons on leadership that I did learn, however, were that you never ask your people to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself.

I was ready to go to Vietnam if called. I was a skilled pilot. I could fly … I was too junior to get to go. But had they wanted me, I would have gone. Had they called our unit, I was totally prepared and would have gone.

I can remember walking up to my F-102 fighter and seeing the mechanics there. I was on the same team as them, and I relied on them to make sure that I wasn't jumping out of an airplane. There was a sense of shared responsibility in that case. The responsibility to get the airplane down. The responsibility to show up and do your job.

I do have some experience on border defense. After all, that was my unit’s mission.

Power can be very corruptive.

Well I kept a level head in a time that was pretty chaotic.