Saturday, September 25, 2004

Guest Post From the Meyer Campaign

The campaign of Morris Meyer sends this information about the shenanigans in Texas:

The timeline of Westar votes for legislation clearly shows that Representatives Joe Barton and Tom DeLay were instrumental in legislative bribery.   As Thomas Frank succinctly puts in "What's the matter with Kansas?", Joe Barton was the legislative lackey who was responsible for socializing the risk and privatizing the profits.

May 2002 - Westar's chief corporate evildoer David Wittig and Douglas Lawrence wrote that Westar was "working on getting our grandfather provision on PUHCA [Public Utility Holding Company Act] repeal into the energy bill".  This would allow Westar to pass on billions of dollars in failed investments onto the electric utility ratepayers.

May 2002 - Westar donates $25,000 to Texans for a Republican Majority.

July 10, 20002 - Barton holds Westar fundraiser for 8 Republican candidates.

September 19, 2002 - Barton cast his own vote and proxies of Tauzin and DeLay in support of the Westar exception.

October 2002 - The Republicans' support for the exemption was withdrawn after Westar annouced it was under investigation for fraud by the DOJ and SEC.

Barton's involvement in the Westar's fundraising through TRMPAC is giving our campaign the momentum that will allow us to take down a toxic 20-year incumbent.  We've gotten an early initial endorsement from the Dallas Morning News and are running a great campaign.  Your contributions are critical in removing "Smokey Joe" from office.