Monday, September 27, 2004

Maya Keyes is an Out Lesbian

Just start here and follow the links.

And, no, this isn't an "outing." She's out. If people post their personal information on public websites, then that information is "public." a just and correct world this would not be "news," at least not of the "shocking" type, but we don't live in a just and correct world. We live in a world where the political party in power tries to maintain that power in part by trying to maintain 2nd class status (legal, economic, and social) for a substantial chunk of our population for no other reason than who they have romantic feelings for. We live in a world where the Republican candidate for Senate from Illinois calls the daughter of the Vice President a "selfish hedonist" simply because of who she has decided to make her life partner. We live in a world where a steady stream of homophobic rhetoric is commonplace and accepted as normal, not just from AM hate radio hosts, but from people who are in the highest levels of government.

In a just world this would be "news" in the same way that personal profiles of public figures which regularly include information about their families are "news" -- in the same way that "Chelsea Clinton has a new boyfriend" was always news. But, right now we're in a world where an anti-gay moralizing family vales politician no problems calling other people's kids "selfish hedonists" simply because they're gay. I think it's fair to ask what kind of world Alan Keyes, who wants to be one of 100 senators, wants to create for his daughter.