Friday, September 17, 2004

New Talking Point

Now it isn't just the terra ists, but insurgents in Iraq who are trying to influence our election by killing people. I bet they sit around watching the Sabbath Gasbags before they start shooting, the political junkies that they are.

According to a commenter, pol, none other than Tim Russert is saying these things too:

I just heard Timmy Russert interviewed by our area CBS affiliate. They wanted to know his take on the polls, and why Gallup is so out of line with the others this week. Timmy said, he didn't know, that CW is you have to look at each party's internal polling, and if you do, Bush is ahead by 5-6 points. I know that was true for last week, but I'm highly sceptical about it now. Has anyone found any internal polling data?

By the way, the interviewers asked Timmy, since everything is a mess in Iraq and word is seeping out, would not Russert's claim possibly be in question. Russert gave some garbage that it is believed that the insurgency in Iraq is possibly intentionally aimed at getting Bush defeated!

[that probably is NBC affiliate, though I don't know]

So, that's where we stand. All the bad people in the world have united with a common goal of electing John Kerry. Anything bad that happens, anywhere, anytime, by anybody, happens because somebody is trying to deny George Bush his throne.