Wednesday, September 29, 2004

No Quid Pro Quo

Just so people know, I had no idea that the Schrader campaign was going to place an ad (look to the right) and it had nothing to do with me suggesting that you donate to her. Of the candidates I've chosen, I know Hoeffel has advertised here. Obviously Schrader has. I honestly don't remember of Matsunka, Keever, or Bean have.

But, let me give an additional reason why I put her on the list -- it was this post from Kos from a few days back. Schrader's opponent is an anti-abortion nut, and she's staunchly pro-choice. So, this is a race where we'll be running on one of "our" issues, instead of running away from them. We'll be getting some Republican votes not by being a Republican-lite, but by embracing a proud liberal position.

So, give away...