Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Prime Wingnuttery


...various people are saying the guy wrote them and his response included this sentence, which is his basic claim:

The letter was sociological in intent. It was a literary device to get readers to examine their own assumptions.

And denies actually believing most of what was posted, and claims he didn't sign his name to it. Here's even more wingnuttery from the guy, however, with name still attached.

...someone claiming to be him (but not using his main email address) writes in:

I am asking to have an oopen mind. I do NOT have the
opinions in that letter. Okay, I was stupid to think
that it could be used to get folks to be rational. I
was wrong about that. But right that we have gone down
the road to unreason.

I wish you would somehow suggest on your website what
I wrote aleady. The letter was a device, akin to
Swift's Immodest Proposal.

I do not believe or advocate ANYTHING in that letter

As another reader suggested in email, Martin Kozloff is claiming that "Martin Kozloff" is just a character he's invented. Aside from the initial thing linked to, "Martin Kozloff" has written this (scroll down, search for name), and a variety of things one can read beginning here...