Monday, September 27, 2004


Bush's campaign style right now reminds me of Poppy's final days. A little more cocky and a little less desperate, sure, but nonetheless the same style. I'm referring to when he started calling Clinton and Gore "Bozo and the Ozone Man." A stupid phrase, anyway, but what was more disturbing about it was just how unpresidential it was. It's one thing for a challenger to be a bit scrappy, but even when he's campaigning the President of the United States is still that - the President of the United States. Sure, his surrogates can get away with things but it's a bit unbecoming for him to behave like a nasty frat boy (full disclosure: I was a nasty frat boy). Someone holding the office should campaign with a bit of dignity.

It'll be interesting to see how Bush behaves during the debates. I don't expect he'll be very presidential. We'll see if Cokie points that out.