Friday, October 15, 2004

Bean Within 2

Melissa Bean has been running a remarkable race. The latest poll shows her within 2, and she's running against a 35 year incumbent. This would be a great victory - both because it'd be tiny victory for anti-incumbency in general, and of course a great coup for the Dems.

So, help out if you can.

And, while you're reaching for your wallet, give some money to Stan Matsunaka who is running against the hate-filled horror Musgrave, who just sent out this lovely email to supporters:

Dear friend of the family,

Radical homosexual-agenda leaders have declared me Public Enemy #1 and are spending over a million dollars on vicious, false TV ads to defeat me.

I need your help.

You may know that I have been the U.S. House leader to protect traditional marriage from the radical agenda of the homosexual lobby by sponsoring the Marriage Protection Amendment.

What you may not know is that the last sponsor of the Amendment was defeated for re-election, and now the bull's eye is on my back.

Leaders of the homosexual lobby know if they can take me out, no one will stand against them in the future.

I have no other choice but to ask for urgent help from pro-family Americans like you.


I’m also worried that if I don’t raise enough money for our ad campaign, I will be powerless to respond to these vicious attacks against me.

Unlike the homosexual lobbies’ ads, my ad campaign will be based on truth and compare my solid record to that of my opponent, liberal Democrat Stan Matsunaka

Stan Matsunaka fears the truth because he knows his record in the State Senate shows he supports homosexual marriage and will promote it as a U.S. Congressman.

If we allow these vicious ads to go unanswered then Stan Matsunaka and the radical homosexual lobby could succeed by deceiving the voters, and win on Election Day.

And Kerry's comments upset Lynne Cheney? My god..