Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Edwards' hometown newspaper:

CHENEY: "Your hometown newspaper has taken to calling you Senator Gone." (An archive search finds no such reference in The News & Observer.

...Look, a mention in a weekly paper that isn't in his "hometown" does not qualify as his "hometown newspaper". If he'd said, "one newspaper in your home state," it would have been a stretch,* but not a lie. As said, it's a lie.

*Why I mean it would be a stretch is that if Kerry and Bush were debating in Philadelphia, I don't think it would be appropriate for Kerry to say "Your policies have been so disastrous that one Philadelphia paper has said that people who vote for you will burn in hell." Now, that would be true, as the Philadelphia Weekly has said just that, but still a stretch in that for most people across the country they'd be imagining that it was the daily newspaper which wrote it, and not some irreverent weekly.