Sunday, October 17, 2004


I really have no idea if they matter, but Bush isn't getting many. Latest rundown from E&P:

Besides the Dallas paper, Bush won The Freelance-Star in Fredericksburg, Va., the York Daily Record in Pennsylvania and the New York Sun.

The Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal, which has backed Republicans since 1968, declared it would not endorse this year, given the choices.

...oh, one more thing, people objected to my criticism of the NYT editorial below. Part of it's because I didn't realize until this morning that I didn't write what I meant to write, which was that the editorial was 'written for a 5 year old,' not as I wrote 'by' one.

What drove me nuts about it is that while, yes, in many ways it is a strong condemnation of the Bush administration, it's written in this incredible annoying "lecturing the children" style which has been with us since Gail Collins took over. I actually like Gail Collins, but while her style worked when she was a bylined columnist, it doesn't work as the institutional voice of the Times.