Wednesday, October 13, 2004


The racist Murray in today's Times:

You promise to create millions of jobs, but many people who run businesses say that nothing in your life has taught you how much effort, risk and sometimes heartbreak goes into creating one real job. Could you describe your experiences when you last had to meet a payroll, or when your boss had to meet a payroll?

The voices in Murray's head "Many people" don't know what they're talking about:

Kilvert & Forbes was originally created in 1976 when Quincy Market first opened its doors as the famous food colonnade.

At the time, founder John Kerry was practicing law, which he found to be “quite predictable and very boring”. So this chocolate lover and his friend and business partner K. Dunn Gifford opened the bakery and named it after their mothers, featuring family recipes. In 1982, Lt. Governor Kerry bought his partner’s shares of the business and sold them to Stanley and Linda Klein. A few years later, he sold his own shares to the Kleins. Even though Senator Kerry is no longer at Kilvert & Forbes, we hear that he still loves chocolate!

(thanks to reader dbt)