Monday, October 18, 2004

Hoeffel at 41

Race is closing fast. 48-41 in new Survey USA Poll.

Now would be an excellent time to donate to the Hoeffel campaign. They're in reach.

I'd also like to compliment how the campaign is being run. There are a lot of young workers/volunteers in the campaign and from what I can tell they get treated really well. They aren't just being exploited and given all the shit work to do -- they get to do some more interesting work, and hopefully learning a few things. They do a lot of creative visibility events, such as parking the Joemobile RV outside the Vote for Change tour, and just generally seem to be having fine. Even if Hoeffel doesn't manage to win, he'll have left behind some good human capital (and, presumably, he'll be poised to take on Ricky Santorum in '06, although I don't know if that is his intention).

This could just be one good poll. But, 48-41...that's within reach.